Holding Hands

When I walk in the autumn, I pick up a fallen leaf and hold it for the duration, as talisman, security blanket, reminder of beauty, colour, texture, life. Today I picked up one of the maple leaves that face-plant when they fall, their stems pointing […]

The Creative Six-Pack: Details

Here’s the pretty graphic about the new workshop I’ll be offering in 2021. Scroll down for all the details! The Creative Six-Pack What is it? A series of low-stress, fun and generative writing courses delivered monthly, to help focus, support, and/or kick-start your writing practice. […]

To Pine

The daily word, or writamin, given to me yesterday by my writing friend Marti, was “pine,” and I spent the day rolling that around in my head. What does it mean, to pine for something? The ache of longing, the emptiness of a missing puzzle […]