Editing versus Baking

The trouble with working at home, as a writer, is that I’m very close to my kitchen. There is never such a drive to pull out the butter and eggs, the chocolate and nuts, as when I’m deep into the struggles of editing, which is […]

Room for Everyone

I am not, by nature, a political writer, although sometimes, intentionally or otherwise, my politics slip into my work. Yet I’m feeling a certain pressure these days to be otherwise, and wonder if other creatives are feeling the same: an expectation that to be a […]

Lost In My Own Town

Vic West is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Victoria, just across the bridge from downtown, and I always get lost here, even though it was the first place I landed when moving to this city in 1988. In the days before Craigslist, we had […]

Word Up!

Here’s your first Daily Word Prompt! Welcome to @dailywordprompt, your once a day word to help you begin or continue your creative writing practice. (Or another art form? All are welcome!) I chat about it in my last blog post, but here’s the gist of it: […]