Cover up!


pull of moon coverIt’s beginning to feel a bit like summer out there (okay, 28 c in May is warmer than most of our Victorian summer days, and it’s glorious), but my mind is on autumn. This little squirrelly book is coming out then, and I’m so happy to share its cover with you here. And here’s a link telling you a little more about the book, on Brindle & Glass’s website.

To tide you over ’til it comes out, I’d suggest taking a look at last month’s post, when I raved about some pretty fine coastal writers to check out. It was a literary feast in yyj, and my bookshelves are richer now with those writers’ books. Add to this two others: Andrea Routley’s first story collection, Jane and the Whales (Caitlin Press) and Claire Battershill‘s debut collection, Circus (M & S), and you’re all set for National Short Story Month.

Around here, every month is short story month, but I’ve also been scribbling down some poems, too–when I am able to focus my attention long enough on the page and not on gardening, tennis, walks through Garry Oak meadows filled with camas…

Sometimes those poems even get published! The real mailbox brought me the latest issue of Grain today, with my five-page poem about Highway 511, the road that runs through Lanark Village, my hometown. I’m thrilled to make my first appearance in this literary journal, since it’s long been one of my favourites.

Hope you’re enjoying a full-to-bursting spring, wherever you are.

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