Haunted by what won’t let me go

eww spidersIt’s Monday, it’s November, it’s tea and writing time. And yet here I am on the internet, reading articles. Oh, some are about writing and others are about antibiotics not working, which may lead to our demise, if Fukushima doesn’t get us first. What a mess we’re in.

Time to write about it, in my notebook, in my warm office, where there is no computer… only hundreds of books looking at me, as if to say, come on, stick to it. Other days, they stick their tongues out at me, so today’s message isn’t so bad.

Before I go, I want to share this: the best article on writing that I’ve read in awhile. Thank you, Steve Almond and AWP. My favourite quote from it is this:

When young writers ask me what they should be writing about, I always say the same thing: write about what you can’t get rid of by other means.

Right now, my obsessions include writing poems about the village I come from in Ontario, and what people there died of a hundred years ago.

That post-antibiotic age post just became research.

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