Happy Thanksgiving, one and all!

My book has been out for less than two weeks now, and already, I’m just blown away by the support it’s receiving. From near—my literary haven of a city, Victoria—and far—as far away as a friend who received hers in Prague—The Pull of the Moon is enjoying a grand first month in the world.

Last week, I shared the reading stage at Russell Books with three wonderful writers: Arleen Pare, Jane Eaton Hamilton and Ariel Gordon—three poets and a proser. Jane and Ariel were launching their beautiful new books of poetry, and Arleen was glowing with her recent news of her book, Lake of Two Mountains, being on the shortlist for the Governor General’s Award! We read to an attentive, friendly crowd, and Vanessa Herman, as always, was a wonderful host.

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been a guest blogger on two amazing sites: 49th Shelf, and Gail Anderson-Dargatz’s website. On 49th Shelf, I talk about Autumn, go sideways a little to riff on The Fall, and recommend a bunch of books. On Gail’s site, I talk about my own journey to the page. Gail and I go way back, to my first year in Victoria, and I consider her one of my first literary allies and sources of inspiration.

Along with this support, my old stomping grounds in Lanark and Perth, ON, both featured interviews with me in their local newspapers, The Lanark Era and The Perth Courier. I’m very grateful to their editors, and to the local Perth bookstore, Backbeat Books, for selling my little blue-green book.

Because of these write-ups, I’ve gotten numerous emails from people back home, or who were once from there, sending their congratulations. What a sweet surprise! This, to me, is very cool, and part of what I consider to be part of a writer’s task: communication, community, a reaching out.

Readers have been sending me lovely notes via Twitter, email and Facebook, too, and I’m pleased as punch that they’re enjoying the book. They’ve been recommending it to their friends, and I have one book club visit already booked. So grateful!

And in case anyone’s on Goodreads, The Pull of the Moon is on there, as am I, answering any writing questions you may have. (Amazon and Chapters are selling the book, too, and all of the above have places to rate and review books, if anyone is so inclined.)

On this Thanksgiving Weekend, I am filled to the brim with thanks, not only for all this book love, but for my family, my friends, my health, the gorgeous summer and early fall we’ve had on the coast…

I wish you and yours a cornucopia of goodness, relaxation and delicious food.

brown eyes

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