The Creative Six-Pack: Details

Here’s the pretty graphic about the new workshop I’m offering in 2021. Scroll down for all the details!

The Creative Six-Pack

What is it?

A series of low-stress, fun and generative writing courses delivered monthly, to help focus, support, and/or kick-start your writing practice.


Beginning January 4th, 2021, it will run for six consecutive months.  

What does it include?

JAN: Habit-forming: a gentle nudge toward making space for your creative work. Food for thought and action, a daily prompt to build your writing practice and habit.

FEB: The Instant Short Story: a multi-layered approach to creating a complete story.

MARCH: The Real Deal: exploring creative nonfiction, as only you can tell it.

APRIL: The Poetic Nudge: prompts and gentle pushes toward writing poetry or more lyrical prose.

MAY: Switching Genres: the same material in multiple genres.

JUNE: Revision. Plus a variety of nutrients to satisfy your body of writing.

Who is this series of classes meant for?

Maybe you’ve wanted to try your hand at writing but don’t know where to begin, especially now, when in-person classes are not happening. Or you’ve written for years, and are stuck. Or you’d just like to shake up your current writing practice, or try a new genre, or distract yourself from the strangeness of our world situation. Or you can’t go to the gym, but you still want a six-pack! Okay, well, this series of workshops may not deliver on the elusive rippled abdomen, but it will offer you exercises to strengthen your writing.

These classes will not be delivered in a synchronous manner. In other words, they won’t be live, or via Zoom or any other live chat format. There are many amazing classes out there if this is how you’d like to learn, but these are not the ones. I’ve got Zoom fatigue, and many of you might have this, too, so I’m going to save my limited Zoom budget for things that can’t be accessed by any other means.

There will be short videos as part of each module, as a way of delivering material, but the whole curriculum will be offered in a self-paced way, within a set time (the month it’s scheduled). Each module will be available for one month, before the next one is offered.

What kind of commitment will this take?

As with many things, you get what you give… but in general, they are meant to be completed with no more than four hours of total writing time, with the exception of the first month, when you’ll be aiming to write daily for a short amount of time (5 days a week).

Who is this Julie Paul, offering the series?

(See more info elsewhere on my site about my publications, etc.)

I write in a few different genres, and have taught many classes, courses, and workshops, both privately and via The Victoria School of Writing, Camosun College, Royal Roads University, Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts, public libraries, etcetera. I love to help new writers find their writing path, and to encourage everyone to try their hand at other forms and styles of writing.

How does this differ from my real-time classes?

Ahh, real time. Remember when we could gather, share a plate of cookies and a pot of tea and read aloud to one another? That’s how I structured my classes: write, read aloud the fresh work, praise it, then move on. While this can feel daunting at first, it’s a fabulous process, because it’s a way to honour the work and then leave it behind before you’re on to the next assignment.

This won’t be a part of this series of classes, given its delivery format. BUT, if you are so inclined to sign up with a friend, or pair up with a student in the class to exchange work, I highly encourage this. And the good part is, they can be anywhere in the world :).

I would love to “meet” you, in real time, so I am offering the option to Facetime with you at any pre-arranged point during the course, to answer questions and just chat about the class. As well, there will be opportunities to share your work with me.

There is a shape and flow to the whole series, beginning with a generative month of near-daily writing, then moving on to more specific topics, to culminate with a month focused on revision.

As the full, official Creative Six-Pack, you can access all of the modules for $200 CAD (plus GST)—the best value! Alternatively, you can select individual modules and take part when that topic’s month begins, and it’s $40 per class. (I do have to charge the old GST, so totals will be $210 / $42, and fees can be paid via e-transfer).

For more info, and to register, please feel free to email me at

Thanks for your interest!

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